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Systems & Cloud

Currently, one of the main challenges for organisations is to manage, analyse and take advantage of the large amount of data available to them. To meet this challenge with the latest technologies available on the market, at Aratech we offer the best solutions for Cloud systems and services that house the valuable information that your company needs. 

Discover a faster deployment of new capabilities, better support for innovation, greater scalability and easier and safer access to the different areas of your business, with total security and confidence. Given the evolution of technological solutions, the choice of a Cloud platform can be the differentiating factor that makes your company take off, adapting it to current needs.

Cloud Services

Trust on Cloud Services for storing and accessing information on the Internet, which offers your business all kinds of possibilities in the form of services that help to boost the improvement of your operations.

Benefit from the advantages that incorporating the Cloud can offer your business, such as reduced time to market for new products and services, improved synchronisation between business units and optimised customer service.

Incorporate one of the services that cloud platforms offer: compute, storage, networking, big data, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) services, as well as cloud management, security and development tools, and an integrated cloud platform means reduced IT maintenance costs so you can invest more in innovation or other business departments.

Integrate a Virtualisation System in your company and take advantage can provide. This systems with the same the characteristics of hardware and create a virtual computer system. This allows run more than one virtual system and multiple operating systems and applications on a single server.

By using a virtual machine or isolated software container that includes an operating system and an application, your business can run multiple operating systems on a single physical machine, distribute resources across virtual machines, isolate security and failures at the hardware level, ensure performance through advanced resource controls and encapsulation and file transfer, among other things. Add benefits such as economies of scale and greater efficiency in your business operations.

Virtualisation System


If you are concerned that your company is optimally protected against cyber threats, consider a cyber security solution for your business. Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important and should be seen as a core service within every business. Every year, the number of cyber attacks worldwide increases even more.

Therefore, opt for a cybersecurity service that best suits the needs of your company, and your company will be able to identify risks, protect, detect and respond to a cybersecurity incident try to contain the impact and minimize recovery times.

Helpdesk is an IT solution that offers one or more points of contact for your customers to get help about your products and services, resolving the incidents they present, with a fundamental characteristic, doing it in the fastest possible way.

It integrates a first level support service of remote assistance, in an effective, simple and safe way so that customers who have any breakdown, incident or question about ICT issues, can solve the problem thanks to the assistance prepared for it. Helpdesk can benefit companies of all sizes and types, with advantages such as: greater customer and employee satisfaction and greater scalability and customer growth, both internal and external.


Cloud Infrastructures

Cloud infrastructures can help much more efficiently than traditional physical infrastructure to manage, analyse and leverage the vast amount of data available to your business. Cloud infrastructure is also flexible and scalable, allowing you to turn your local data centre into a single infrastructure that can be managed from a single dashboard.

Obtain greater efficiency and agility, as well as a reduction in costs by incorporating these IT services in your company, adapting it to the most current solutions, making a fundamental difference in the processes of data analysis and management.

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